Our heart beats for SAVORY

We want to know where our food comes from. Therefore, we cook with 100 percent certified bio quality for your enjoyment. 

Quality and taste

High quality ingredients do not only guarantee variety, but also eco-friendliness. We cook regional traditional food, consciously use seasonal ingredients and offer vegetarian as well as vegan food.  Regular checks by Austria Bio Guarantee ensure you best bio quality of our food and beverages. 

Beverages and experience

In the beverage sector, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, you also find certified bio-quality. We are especially proud of our wine menu: It offers a fine selection of Austrian bio wines by certified BIO-wine growers from Burgenland, Lower Austria and Steiermark.

Children and mealtimes

Healthy bio food is served…and children clear their plates?  Do those two go together?  It sounds impossible, but it isn’t.  Being a Bio Hotel and lightening up children’s eyes at mealtime is not an easy task. But we love challenges and are up to meeting this one. 

Allergies and enjoyment

Food allergies are on the increase, for adults as well as for children. We can help to make your vacation enjoyable in spite of dietary restrictions. Just let us know at the time of booking what your dietary restrictions are and we will prepare accordingly.

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