Kinderhotel Benjamin

Business name: Markus Pirker

Phone: +43 4733 362


Brandstatt 30
9854 Malta, Österreich

Authority pursuant to ECG (E-Commerce Act): District Commission of Spittal a/d Drau

Other supervisory authority (pursuant to ECG): Tax Office Spittal / Drau

Applicable legal provisions: Österreichisches Hotelvertragsgesetz (Austrian Hotel Contract Act)

Legal form: Sole proprietorship

Other information pursuant to § 14 UGB (Austrian Corporate Law Code): Pirker Markus

Disclosure pursuant to Section 25 Mediengesetz (Media Act)

Media owner: Markus Pirker

Registered office (principal place of business): Malta

Business objective: Hotel

Member of the Carinthian Chamber

Section / profession - hotel industry section: Hotels

Kinderhotel Benjamin, Brandstatt 30, A-9854 Malta | Tel.: +43-4733-362 |