For example:

Main courses:

Steak with onions and fried potatoes

Rump steak „American“ with French fries, grilled tomato and mixed vegetables

Viennese grill with herb cream sauce, vegetables and French fries

Escalope of pork with mushrooms and long-grain rice

Pan-fried liver in majoran sauce with butter noodles

Grilled pork fillet with vegetable and fried potato cake


Fresh rainbow trout „Miller’s style“ with parsley potatoes, melted butter and green salad

Roasted rainbow trout fillets on salad variation with light house dressing

Pasta & more:

Cheese “Spätzle” in a pan with green salad

Spaghetti „Bolognese“ with meat sauce and green salad


Finely sliced farmer’s bacon with bread and butter

Swiss sausage salad with crackers

Children´s dishes:

Grilled sausage with French fries

Pan-fried mini pork schnitzel with French fries

Max and Moritz platter – Turkey Schnitzel with gravy and rice

Spaghetti with meat sauce

Kid´s sugared pancake with apple sauce


Sweet cut-up pancake with raisins and apple mousse

Apple strudel/White cheese strudel with vanilla ice-cream or with cream

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