Our hearts beat TOGETHER

From grandfather‘s hut…

In 1934, Grandfather Andreas Pirker purchased “Kerschackel Hube“ at an auction. Up until 1965, the “Hube” was a chalet, in the summer time a place where the dairymaid tended to the grazing cattle and produced milk and butter.

In 1965, Andreas Pirker’s son, Franz Pirker, opened a rest stop, which in subsequent years continued to be extended and modernized. In 1973, the rest stop burned down to the ground. As early as the following year, the rubble had completely disappeared from view: an inn had been founded and the next generation took over: Franz Pirker with his wife Renate. Hard work continued and the hotel was expanded.

… to a Children’s hotel

In 1981, Franz and Renate Pirker decided to turn the restaurant into an “Alpine Baby Hotel”. They pursued the idea of Siggi Neuschitzer, the pioneer for offering vacations for babies and young children in the valley of falling waters. A play room and a little petting farm were built in line with the requirements of the times.

In 1991, the time had come for a pool: under extremely challenging conditions, an indoor pool plus baby pool and sauna was built, followed by a corridor connecting the pool with the hotel. An extension of the guest room for area followed in 1996. Today we have 20 guest rooms in the three star category available.

In 2001, the family built a biological treatment plant for waste water. In 2002, a wood chip plant was added. Having also their own spring with pure mountain water, the Pirker family is almost self-sufficient in terms of its energy sources. 

In 2004, Franz and Renate ventured another big step, building a modern children’s club, comprising a soft play area, a children’s movie theater, a toddler area and a large bright play area.

In 2008, the fourth generation took over - son Markus and his wife Kerstin. Together with the two daughters Jennifer and Jacqueline, we work hand in hand with “old and young”.

…and Bio Hotel

Since May 1st 2013, we also belong to Friends of Biohotels. The Pirker Family wants to share with their guests their love of a simple life close to nature… and their love of healthy food.

In March 2013, the hotel was awarded the Carinthia Seal of Quality, guaranteeing its guests a high quality in services and hospitality. The Pirker Family makes the vacation feeling “The joy of living” in Carinthia a tangible experience for their guests.



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