Fairy tale hiking trail with dragon gorge in Trebesing

Unique - Visit the fairy tale hiking trail in the baby village Trebesing. A worthwhile half-day or full-day trip with lots of great attractions for the whole family. Shuttles will take you to the fairy tale hiking trail.
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Water games park Fallbach in Malta

Games, fun and nature adventures close to Carinthia's highest waterfall! Panorama platform, water/mud playground, crafting in a tepee, info cabins, senses platform, fire circle, water labyrinth ...
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Treasure hunt in the Thunder Canyon in Innerkrems

"The Treasure of the Nock Dwarfs" — Experience an exciting, tricky treasure hunt with a map, compass and magical glasses in the Thunder Canyon. You have to find the treasure of Nock dwarfs! A fun-filled adventure for the whole family with children of ages 4 and older. Parents don't pay admission fees!
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Malta Valley Donkey Park in Malta

More animal things to do in the valley! Have you always wanted to ride on a donkey? Well, come and satisfy your heart's desire ...
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Innerkrems discovery trail

Pure adventure! Exciting and instructive at the same time, our discovery trail allows youngsters to go on a great adventure tour.

You have to overcome numerous obstacles before you reach the end of this journey.
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Playground Trebesing

In Trebesing, a playground with 13 play structures was established on the enclosure of the highway.
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